Skype lessons

Do you live far from Milan? No problem! Let’s take a Skype lesson.
All you need is a Skype account and a Paypal account.
Send me an email or a message on Facebook and we’ll agree on a schedule.
The lesson takes about an hour.


Developed and perfected over fifteen years of teaching, an melodeon course for both beginners and advanced. During the course the musical theory applied to the instrument (scales, tonality, chords) is also addressed.

The course is complemented by the Organetto Manual, used as a textbook, which provides the preparatory excerpts for learning the techniques.

Thematic workshops

  • Beginners (to start getting familiar with the instrument)
  • Technique (advanced workshop to improve phrasing, accompaniment and embellishment)
  • Bourrées d’Auvergne. The music of central France developed on different techniques
  • Canti tradizionali lombardo-piemontesi accompagnati con l’organetto
  • One rowe Melodéon. From advanced push and pull technique. to french-canadian music.